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WATCH 3701 does not include the latest IT technology. For anyone, in any environment, this watch can be worn without worrying. It was used ‘Just Right’ material not a cheap one. Also, It has got everything for a ‘just right’ watch.

German Design Award 2018 [Winner]
Global Primium Living Goods by KIDP
IDEA 2016 [Silver]


Ronda 763 Mvt. (Swiss Made)
Ronda is the best Swiss movement producer with guaranteed reliable accuracy of time. Unlike Swiss Parts which uses only 1 gem, our Swiss made movement uses 5 gems to produce and has additional E.O.L. function as well.

E.O.L. function
E.O.L., a short form of End of Life, sends signals when the battery is out. When the battery is low, a second hand of a watch ticks every 3 to 4 second instead of ticking every second, to indicate low battery.


Stainless Steel 316L
316L has a strong property against extreme temperature changes and corrosion due to liquid. Especially, it was developed for marine environment so will not get rusty due to sweat.

Sapphire Crystal Lens
Sapphire has high hardness which makes it endurable against external impacts. It is also very clear and sharp because of a high light penetration ratio and a low reflexibility.

Italian Vegetable Leather
Our leather naturally tans in time to have a vintage taste depends on the user’s habits or environments. It will complete to be a unique and personal piece for each user.

Blue Hands
Plated blue hands shows deep blue color that changed depends on directions of light, unlike normal plating.


Square frame
When worn on, the square ring at the midst of the bandsets the remaining part of the band more neatly.

Buckle Pin
The loop part of the buckle is a tool to change the band. The band can be changed without any special tools.


37mm Diameter, 7.8mm Thickness
47g Weight
Stainless Steel 316L
Sapphire Crystal Lens
Lugless Case, Screwed in Case Back

Leather Strap
Italian Vegetable Leather
Stainless Steel Buckle
18mm Width, 2.3mm Thickness
125mm Lower, 94mm Upper
11g Weight

Mesh Strap
Stainless Steel Mesh
18mm Width, 1.5mm Thickness
110mm Lower, 90mm Upper
17g Weight

RONDA 763 Quartz Movement
Swiss Made
5 Jewels, Gold Plate
Time Only, Three Hands
End Of Life Function
-10/+20 Seconds Aaccuracy / Month