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Line Project – Long Lasting

Considering the user, Clipper 1401 used just the right shapes and materials.


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Manufacturing Collaboration

Cooperating with the Royal Metal Industry which has collaborated with global brands such as Henckel of Germany with over 80 kinds of know-how in the metal processing, we show the Clipper 1401 which is considerated of user’s fine hand motion.

Folding Blade

Clipper 1401 is made of one single metal body bent to prevent blades from warping instead of welding two upper and lower metal plates like other nail clippers.

Precision Grinding

Made of stainless steel with scotch stone of eightfold fine particles, it has very sharp blades.


Stainless Steel 420J2

316L has a strong property against extreme temperature changes and corrosion due to liquid. Especially, it was developed for marine environment so will not get rusty due to sweat.


Straight Blade

A straight blade let cut the nails several times. So, it reduces the impact to the nails and makes to cut the nails more safely and closely than curved edges.

Rubber Packing

Rubber packing in between the blades will prevent cut nails to bounce out so the clipper can be used anywhere without concerns.


Spec :

14.6mm Width, 86mm Length, 17mm Height
14mm Blade
60g Weight
Stainless Steel 420J2

Blade Management :

We will take care of blunted blade in a long time to use to be reused through re-grinding process. (Only in Korean market)