The first topic of ‘ef’ is the French word ‘faire tour’ which means ‘Rotate’.
There are two main ways to make something by rotating with the center axis. One is to shape it by hand, which is used to make it into a material that can be molded smoothly, such as soil and glass. Another is to use tools to cut and shape, which is to use hard materials or to use sophisticated machining.
We want to create new values by collaborating with artisans who use these two methods under the theme of rotation.

Torim Pottery – ‘Making the Thinnest Pottery’

Torim, which makes the thinnest pottery that can be made by hand, is a pottery workshop run by artists Shin Jung-hyun and Kim Yu-mi.

To make the thinnest pottery for use with tea, all products are carried out with elaborate spinning wheels. It helps you focus on your car with good usage and delicate color glaze that comes from thin thickness.

Lee Geon-moo, a master of wood turning – the work of subtle lines ‘Gal-i’

Master Lee Geon-moo, who runs a wood craft workshop, makes products with ‘Gal-i’. ‘Gal-i’ is a traditional Korean wood turning work that uses a spinning machine like a spinning wheel of pottery to create works such as wood, bowls.

From trimming and drying wood to traditional ‘Gal-i’ work that builds up subtle lines and several oil finishes. To maintain the shape for a long time, we complete the product one by one by one by one.

thin and thin Ceramic

CERAMIC 2501 pottery is made of very thin thickness through the spinning wheel work of Shin Jeong-hyun. The good use of silver and the tension that comes from the thin thickness give me time to concentrate.

A wooden coaster made of ‘subtle lines’ work.

It was Inspired by the ancient dishes ‘Guptari’ that were crafted under the influence of East Asian culture. , the wooden coaster is made from the elaborate work of Lee Geon-moo, a master of traditional wood turning.

68 mm x 68 mm x 90 mm
Ceramic (Blue / White)

52 mm x 52 mm x 28 mm